Riyadh As-Sālihīn

coverRiyadhAsSaliheen Title: Riyadh As-Salihīn min Kalām Sayyed al-Mūrsalīn (رياض الصالحين من كلام سيد المرسلين)
Author: Yahya Ibn Sharaf Mahīuddīn al-Nawawī (ابي زكريا يحي بن شرف النووي)
Language: Arabic
Subject: Qur’an, HadithKitab al-Hadith, Secondary Hadith collection
No. of Volumes: 1      |      No. of Pages: 544

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Riyadh us Saliheen (lit. Meadows of the Righteous) is a compilation of verses from the Qur’an supplemented with Hadith narratives, written by the most popular jurist and Hadith scholar of his time, Imam al-Nawawi (d. 676 AH/1277 AD).

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