Tafsīr al-Th’alabī

coverTafseerAlThalabi Title: Al-Kashf wal-Bayān ‘an Tafsīr al-Qur’an = Tafsīr al-Th’alabī (الكشف والبيان عن تفسير القرآن (تفسير الثعلبي))
Author: Ahmad Abū Ishāq al-Th’alabī (أبو إسحاق أحمد بن محمد بن إبراهيم الثعلبي)
Language: Arabic
Subject: Qur’an, Kitab at-Tafsīr, Tafsīr bil-Māthūr, Tafsīr Lughawī, Isra’ilīyāt, Lexical Analysis, Tafsīr based on Language Archive, Morphology of Qur’anic terms, Tafsīr Fiqhi, Riwāyāt Mawdūh
No. of Volumes: 10      |      No. of Pages: 3490

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Al-Kashf wal-Bayan is a Tafsīr work by the 11th century scholar of Persian origin- Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Ibrahīm Abū Ishāq al-Th’alabī (d. 427 AH/1035 CE).

The author in his introduction heavily criticized works of tafsīr preceding his own while he, himself slipped into the same pit with his heavy inclusion of weak and fabricated ahādīth as well as an abundance of odd and incredible Isrā’īlīyāt narrations and fables. Aside from these features, his work also emphasizes linguistic issues and fiqh matters.

al-Th’alabi devoted extensive attention and space to linguistic discussions in his tafsir, particularly tending to vocabulary, including root meanings, morphology, derivations, etc. He would often draw on Arabic poetry in the midst of his linguistic explanations. The author would also include a section at the close of each Sūrah in which he would collect ahādīth regarding the virtues of that Sūrah, however most of this material is known to be fabricated.

al-Th’alabi delved deeply into fiqh-related matters in his tafsīr, and would enter into discussions of the various positions on a matter, differences of opinion, the various evidences employed, ancillary topics and other topics of interest.

Alternate version 1 (33 volumes)

Alternate version 2 (6 volumes)


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