True story


​Assalamualaikum warahamatullahi wabarakathu..

My dear brothers and sisters, This happened a few days back..

I and my father used to go for learning quran every weekend morning in masjid. I was too lazy to go that day. I told my father that I don’t want to go, and I want to sleep but he insisted and I couldn’t say no to him. I decided to go for the class unwillingly. Then when we reached there,my ustadh was on leave but my father was in other class and he had to attend his class. I realised that it was only me who had turned up in my class. No one informed me that we don’t have class. I was really angry with my father, not only for spoiling my sleep but also for waiting him for 2 hours. I sat in my empty class and waited for him. After his class…

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