3 Unique things about Bismillah

A mini booklet by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan that would instill a new appreciation in our hearts for this amazing gift by Allah (SWT), InshahAllah.

The bismillah is a phrase that is central to the lives of every Muslim. We start our day, our meals and everything in which God’s blessings (barakah) is required by this three word formula.

Every Surah of the Qur’an (except the 9th- Surah At-Tawbah) starts with bismillah.

How to get the booklet:

Visit the homepage of Bayyinah.com, in a few seconds a pop-up will ask you to enter your name and email to subscribe to bayyinah’s mailing list and receive this booklet through email.

Note: The subscription is free and would require your name and email only. No additional information would be asked.


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