Tafsīr al-Baghawi

coverTafsirAlBaghawi Title: M’ālim at-Tanzīl = Tafsīr al-Baghawī (معالم التنزيل (تفسير البغوي))
Author: Abū Muhammad, Al-Husayn Ibn Mas’ūd al-Baghawī (الحسين بن مسعود البغوي أبو محمد)
Language: Arabic
Subject: Qur’an, Kitab at-Tafsīr, Tafsīr bil-Māthūr, Ahkām al-Qur’an, Lexical Analysis
No. of Volumes: 1      |      No. of Pages: 1487

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M’aalim at-Tanzeel, popularly known as ‘Tafseer al-Baghawi’ is a traditional Tafsir by al-Husayn b. Mas’ood al-Baghawi (rahimullah)(d. 516 AH/1122 CE) characterized by easy-to-understand and condensed language. At its core, it is an abridgement of Tafsir al-Tha’labi, however al-Baghawi removed the fabricated narrations and statements of bid’ah from it in constructing his own work.

al-Baghawi primarily relied upon 11 sound chains of narration, and if he employed a different one in some instances, he would include the full chain in the text. Weakness in narrations is very rare in this work and so are isra’iliyat (although the author doesn’t clarify them or follow them by his comments). He presents the fiqh issues in an easy-to-understand manner, and he mentions differences of opinion without expounding on them. Different recitations are mentioned without getting into details.

al-Baghawi in general abstains from lengthy discussion of syntax and grammar and the fine points of linguistic expression except where necessary. Rather, he focused on the most important points for clarifying the intended meaning of an ayah. These efforts often include concise clarifications of a word’s root meaning.

Alternate version (8 volumes)


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