Al-‘Adab al-Mufrad

coverAlAdabAlMufrad Title: Kitab al-‘Adab al-Mufrad (الأدب المفرد)
Author: Muhammad Ibn Isma’īl Ibn Ibrahīm al-Bukhārī (محمد بن إسماعيل بن إبراهيم بن المغيرة البخاري)
Language: Arabic
Subject: Hadīth, Kitab al-Hadīth, Secondary Hadith collection, Adab
No. of Volumes: 1      |      No. of Pages: 532

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Imam al-Būkhārī (rahimullah) is known for his Saheeh, but the Imam has also contributed to the knowledge of the Ummah (Islamic community) by a number of other works. One such beautiful contribution is this book titled ‘Kitab al-‘Adab al-Mufrad’ which is a collection of ahadith and athar1 from various sources addressing the question of perfecting Muslim Mannerisms. The book consists of more than 1300 hadith in 57 sections regarding personal manners, family affairs, human rights, social and national obligations, supplications at various times and Islamic principles of day-to-day living.

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Alternate version 2


1: what is narrated from the companions of the Prophet and the successors (rahimullah alayhim).

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