Al-‘Arba’īn an-Nawawī

coverTafseerMafateehAlGhayb Title: Arbā’īn An-Nawawī min al-Ahadīth As-Sahīh an-Nabawī (الأربعين النووية في الأحاديث الصحيحة النبوية)
Author: Mahī-ud-dīn Abū Zakarīyā Yahyā ibn Sharaf An-Nawawī (يحيى بن شرف النووي محي الدين أبو زكريا)
Language: Arabic
Subject: Hadīth, Kitab al-Hadīth, Secondary Hadith collection, Al-Arbā’in, Usul ad-Dīn
No. of Volumes: 1      |      No. of Pages: 168

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Al-‘Arba’een an-Nawawi is a compilation of forty hadiths by Imam an-Nawawi, most of which are from the Sahihayn. This collection of hadith has been particularly valued over the centuries because it is a distillation, by one of the most eminent and revered authorities in Islamic jurisprudence, of the foundations of Islamic sacred law or Sharīʿah.

In putting together this collection, it was the author’s explicit aim that “each hadith is a great fundament (qāʿida ʿaẓīma) of the religion, described by the religious scholars as being ‘the axis of Islam’ or ‘the half of Islam’ or ‘the third of it’ or the like, and to make it a rule that these forty hadith be classified as sound (ṣaḥīḥ).”

This work is the most representative of the arbaʿīniyyāt genre of hadith.

Criteria of selecting hadith for this collection by the author:

Imam al-Nawawi says there are many people who have written a 40 Hadith collection (arbā’inīyyāt) based on different topics, like Zuhd (aestheticism). In this compilation however he sought to use hadith’s that were comprehensive and cover all areas of religion. They will be short so they can be memorized easily and he made sure that they would be at least acceptable if not completely authentic.

Imam al-Nawawi did succeed in collecting hadith’s per his goal. They are very comprehensive to every single area of the deen. This is why Imam Hassan al-Banna recommended that active workers in dawah should also memorize the hadiths of Imam al-Nawawi, along with reading and memorizing the Quran, because they are very comprehensive and applicable to many situations.

Alternate version 1 (with commentary of Sh. Ibn Daqā’iq al-‘id)

Alternate version 2 (مع تتمتهاللحافظ ابن رجب)

Alternate version

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